School Visits

Abby loves visiting schools, libraries, bookstores, book clubs, book-themed birthday parties, you name it! As a former teacher and school librarian, she knows all of the tricks to create an educational, memorable, and fun visit for everyone involved. Presentations can be tailored to specific grades (her books are best suited for grades 3-6) and customized to fit your school’s needs.

Not located near Minneapolis, Minnesota? No problem! Abby offers free virtual Q&A sessions for up to 20 minutes. A limited number of paid virtual sessions are available as well; you may choose from the first five options listed below.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

For scheduling or additional questions, contact me.

Please note: Abby supports equity and inclusivity in the world of books and beyond. She is not available for in-person or virtual book events that discriminate against marginalized or underrepresented people, either on the page or off.

Abby Cooper Author Visit Guide


The Whole Story

In this engaging, interactive presentation, students will get an overview of what it’s like to be an author. They’ll hear about the process of writing, revising, and publishing a book. Abby will discuss the importance of theme in writing, with specific examples from her books. She will also discuss the power of perseverance, determination, and believing in yourself and your dreams. Students will leave feeling inspired and eager to read and write!

Publication 101

A book goes through many stages before it turns into the final product you see in stores and libraries. In this session, we’ll visit each exciting step of the publishing process, with fun, interactive writing and editing exercises throughout. Students will get to see pages from Abby’s books in various stages, as well as notes from real agents and editors.

Writing is Magical

In this introduction to speculative fiction, students will explore many exciting ways to sprinkle magical elements into stories. They will brainstorm ideas for magical characters, settings, and objects, and discuss how to account for magical elements in a way that makes sense to readers. Students will then begin crafting a piece of writing. Come ready to be creative!

Between the Lines: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Book of Your Choice

This presentation outlines Abby’s journey from kid-writer to published author. It then offers a behind-the-scenes look at the writing, revising, and publishing process for one of her books.

Extended Q&A

A lively and in-depth discussion for book clubs or classrooms that have read one or more of Abby’s books and have prepared questions ahead of time. The extended Q&A session could also be for a group of students interested in learning more about being a writer.

The Sticks & Stones Kindness Challenge

STICKS & STONES is all about the importance of being kind to others and ourselves. Students will discuss kindness and participate in a variety of fun writing activities that will help spread kindness throughout your school and community.

Book Orders

You may order Abby’s books from your local bookstore or directly from her publishers with an educator’s discount. You may also order from Abby’s local bookstore, which would allow for them to be signed ahead of time. Contact Abby to learn more about this option.


All in-person visits include a book signing and Q&A session, as well as a bookmark and sticker for every student.

Virtual Presentation (limited availability)

  • 45 min-1 hour: $200

Minneapolis/St. Paul area (within 1 hour drive)

  • One presentation (45 min-1 hour): $300
  • Two 45 min-1 hour presentations: $600
  • Full day (up to 3 presentations & signing): $900

1-3 hour drive from Minneapolis

  • One presentation (45 min-1 hour): $400
  • Two 45 min-1 hour presentations: $700
  • Full day (up to 3 presentations & signing): $1000
  • Plus mileage reimbursement (currently 54 cents/mile per IRS Guidelines) and lodging

Out of Area Day rate only (3 presentations & signing, max): $1300 plus airfare, car rental or ground transportation, and lodging

Abby is happy to stay after school to meet with writing/reading clubs and/or faculty. An additional fee will apply.

“Engaging, funny, real.”

—Andy H., 7th grade teacher

“One of the best author visits we’ve ever had.”

—Rena C., librarian

“A natural with the kids!”

—Sarah R., 3rd grade teacher


“Abby is an energetic, enthusiastic, and all around fun speaker. We’re looking forward to having her back again next year.” —Charlie B., Media Director

“If we’d had an energy barometer, Abby would have broken the glass and the mercury would have shot to a galaxy far beyond!” —Pat M., Creative Writing Teacher

“Abby was a very kinetic presenter, keeping the students engaged the whole time and encouraging them to share and discuss their ideas.” —Tom M., Fourth Grade Teacher

“Abby’s presentation kept all of our students engaged and involved. She encourages imagination, perseverance, optimism, and laughter. Her enthusiasm is contagious; we had a blast visiting with her!” —Caryl M., Library Media Specialist

“I had a student tell me today that you were their favorite author. They said that your visit to our school last year was the most memorable reading experience they’ve ever had because they didn’t really believe that they could ever meet a real author. This kid was a nonreader, but not anymore.” —Sarah L., 6th grade teacher


Where Abby’s Been


  • Diegueno Middle School


  • Eagle Ridge Elementary
  • Dunstan Middle School
  • DuPont Elementary
  • Sand Creek Elementary
  • St. Thomas More School


  • Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School
  • Blackberry Creek Elementary
  • Independence Jr. High School
  • Old St. Mary’s School
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Academy
  • St. Joan of Arc School


  • Anne Sullivan School
  • East Lake Elementary
  • FAIR School
  • Greenwood Elementary
  • Highland Park Elementary
  • Hopkins North Jr. High School
  • Jefferson Community School
  • Maple Grove Jr. High School
  • McGuire Middle School
  • Montgomery Elementary
  • Olson Middle School
  • Open World Learning Community
  • Orono Middle School
  • Osseo Middle School
  • Our Lady of Grace School
  • Plymouth Middle School
  • Prairie View Elementary
  • Ronald McDonald House School
  • Saint Anthony Middle School
  • Sandburg Middle School
  • Sheridan Middle School
  • St. Francis Elementary
  • St. Paul Academy
  • Susan Lindgren Elementary
  • Valley View Middle School
  • Visitation School
  • Zachary Lane Elementary


  • Mercer Elementary


  • Briarwood Elementary


  • Lakeshore Elementary
  • Longfellow Elementary
  • Robbins Elementary

+ Over 1,000 more virtually!